Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tidbits and Things

Not too many exciting things have been going on lately. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Exciting! Unfortunately, B and I aren't even in the same state so it will kind of be a bust. Maybe I'll hang out with my single friends? I think that's a viable option.

However, I get to see this shining face ALL next weekend:

B just went to Alabama for a training, and that's a minor 10 hours from here compared to the 18 hours Wyoming is, and I have a 4 day weekend so I'm going to see my hubby! I'm excited!

In other news...

Brady was sick not this last weekend but the weekend before that, slept with me, slept on my face, and I STILL have some of her illness.

I've decided that I need to move my chapstick because Brady knows it's location too well. When I cleaned yesterday I found three stray chapsticks stuck around under furniture and stuff. Usually, she just gets some out, holds it up and says "Mammay did you buy this for me?" My thought is usually something like ...yes, and that's why I put it wayyy back in that drawer so it would be easily findable--surprise! But I just say "yes" and she goes "thank you for buying this for me Mammay. i love it." And then we go shopping and she tells me everything I try on looks "beautiful" on me while doing this...

And all is forgiven.

I got a new smartphone. Much different than my basic slider with no keyboard was. However, it's autocorrections are simply fantastic. I tried to type something about my mom being home to take someone to the airport today and it replace "mom" with "abduction".....good times!

And, lastly, I discovered that I'm missing a Reba CD and a Sara Bareilles CD case. I'm pretty sure they are together having a super awkward party. But, in any case, I'd like to rediscover both of them!

See what you haven't missed in my seriously pathetic lack of posting?? ;)