Monday, December 27, 2010

Funny Faces

Merry Christmas! A day late, I know. Tomorrow I have to leave here and go back to our home state, as I start teaching again on Jan 3rd until May. We have the house set up here and relatively done. I'll post pictures and such in the coming week.

But, for now, I just wanted to show you some adorable faces of one of my newest nephews, Raj.

Like this adorable face when he's happy...

And then this adorable face when he thinks something is hilarious...

Does that face not make you the happiest human in the world??

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Things We've Found Around Here

Chalk messages on downtown walls...

Giant boots...

More antelope than I care to acknowledge...

And giant fields of buffalo...

We meet with the inspector to do a walkthrough of our house in Tuesday, and we move in on Wednesday barring any drastic issues. We plan on having everything put away, put together, and the living room decorated for Christmas (...we won't be sharing the rest of our house with anyone back home, because we don't have time to make them look pretty!) by Christmas! It ought to be fun!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

20 Hours Later!

We made it!

We made it through Indiana, which I failed to photograph.

Then Illinois...

Then Missouri...

Then Kansas, where we missed the state line but found this awesome sunset...

By the way, I hate Kansas.

Then we made it through Colorado...

And, finally, to Wyoming!

We were here for less than an hour before we almost hit an antelope, and then found a mall :) Tomorrow we'll go exploring a bit more and check in with housing to see if we might get into our place pretty soon. If we're even getting a place on base!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Wait, so that dog's not going?"

Yesterday, we had a small visitor about an hour before our movers made it to our house.

He's a stray that's been living round our neighborhood for the past few days, but not really at our house. I fed him, tried to coax him into the garage, learned he was absolutely terrified by the garage door, and watched him lay in the snow and shake like he was having a siezure.

So, we got some old flannel sheets from the "rag" bin and put them on the spot he was laying on so he'd be warmer. We succeeded, and he stopped shaking. He's a friendly guy, but spent most of the day not wanting to be touched. He'd come up to you and smell you, but if you went to touch him he'd take off. It was down in single digits last night and I was seriously starting to fear for his life.

But, with a bit of pepperoni and a little help from one of our movers, we got him into the car. Where he, of course, preceeded to freak out for about 15 minutes before deciding that it was warm in there, panting happily, wagging his tail, and finally sprawling out on the backseat for a nap. Of course, I had already spent all morning calling rescue groups looking for a place to take him. Especially now that he was in my car.

Knowing he needed a leash, I hopped into the backseat with him and made friends for 2 seconds before slipping a leash over his head, which he was fine with. He immediately tried like hell to get his head as far behind me as he could, sticking it between my back and the seat, because he was as scared as could be. And it was all over.

This dog was not going to a shelter.

After the movers got all our stuff out of the garage, we pulled the car in and let him out to roam. We have floor sample tiles lining around the cars in the garage so that we don't slip on water. Here, we discovered he's scared to not walk on the carpet. We also decided he loves to be pet but in a "oh em gee please don't hurt me" kind of way.

Again, I spent the remainder of the afternoon looking for rescue groups while my husband concocted ways in his head that we could keep the dog since we're moving tomorrow. Which, unfortunately, is just not logical or possible. No rescue group can take him.

I spent an hour dragging him out of the garage to go out last night, where I discovered that he doesn't understand leashes, and then another hour dragging him back IN to the garage because the carpet doesn't extend all the way to the driveway and he was scared of the garage flooring. Haha!

He really is a sweetheart, but needs some TLC to know that humans really aren't evil. This afternoon, I'll have to take him to an SPCA around here. I found the best one I could and it's on the other side of town, but it's the only one I know of that only euthanizes if they get too vicious or too sick. It's his best chance.

And, I mean...just look at his face. He deserves a chance.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Postcard Swap!

This past October/November, Jessica over at Jesstagirl and her Officer hosted a kickin' Postcard Swap! It was a fabulous idea. I got a postcard all ready for my partner and sent it several weeks early, then patiently awaited my postcard throughout the entire month of November.

Which never came.

So, three of us who never received postcards got together and swapped amongst ourselves! Success!

Today, I received these two lovely postcards from Nina over at Adventures of A Lifetime.

Yes, that's right...did you SEE where this awesome lady lives?


Nina, I give you serious props for surviving the ridiculously cold temps! I freeze here in my house when the temperature is set at 68. Literally, I sit here in my coat. More power to ya, woman! And's hoping for Hawaii next time! :D

Thanks girl!

(P.S. Please ignore the tacky date stamps on the photos. We've been photographing all of our belongs for next weeks PCS!)