Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Great Swimsuit Debacle

I have boobs.

There, I said it.

I have boobs, and they are large. I blame BOTH of my parents for this. But, either way, they are there and I have to accept that.

This fact becomes especially important when bathing suit shopping. There are a couple types of "girl" I am not when bathing suit shopping. I am not a "one-piece" kind of girl, nor am I a "tankini" type of girl, nor am I a "just cover the center with my bikini top" type of girl. Basically, I want a bikini top with an underwire that covers a decent portion of my boobs--enough to make me look like I don't belong in playboy.

The right style (because when a person with real size boobs wears this, there is still a decent amount of prominent cleavage):

This is not an easy task to accomplish. I've only found two stores that I can accomplish this, well...50% of the time, and those are Everything But Water and Dillard's. And what do these stores have in common? One bathing suit=my entire bank account.

So, when I find one that I like, I buy it and hold onto it for a long time.

This year, I needed a new set of bottoms to go with my perfectly fitting top from Everything But Water. I decided to go with Land's End because they are cheaper and bottoms aren't as difficult as tops.

I thought.

I like the little mini-skirt idea. So, I bought this cute little scrunchie bottom:

It looked HORRIBLE. And then I realized that it really doesn't even look good on the model--you just can't tell as much because of where her arms are. I took it back.

Then, I ordered this one:

It doesn't look bad on the model. But it looks horrid on me. So I give up...I'm just wearing the old ones. Maybe next year, bathing suit season!