Thursday, July 29, 2010

A PCS full of PDQ's

I suddenly realize I have no idea what PDQ stands for. Why does that knowledge not come to me?? But I meant it to say "lotso questions" so...we'll just pretend that's what it means. Mmkay? Mmkay.

But I actually could use some advice and answers from some of you lovely military wife bloggers.

This is our first PCS. We're headed to the other side of the country sometime this fall (waiting on date orders, supposedly they will arrive by the 2nd week in August at the latest). We had decided to do our own move instead of using the military movers, even if that does mean we have to pack our own crap. We have heard far too many horror stories about bad moving experiences and we trust ourselves more. Or, we prefer to blame ourselves instead of other people. Whichever.

So here are my questions:

Uhaul or Penske?
Where can we weigh the vehicle before/after packing?
If we do two partial moves instead of one full move, will AF pay to transport 2 vehicles (truck & car) each time?
If we decide to tow a vehicle the second time on a trailer, is it part of the after loading weigh or before loading weigh?
How long is it typically before the reimbursement will get to us from the AF?

I'm positive there were more questions than what I have listed here, but I can't for the life of me think of them right now.

Help please???

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Heaven

This post is part of Writer's Workshop over at Mama's Losin' it.

Prompt: Post a picture and a description that fits into this quote for you: “How far to heaven? Just open your eyes and look. You are in heaven” -Shankar

I always love B. Even when I hate him I love him. B just being B is amazing to me. I mean really, we should get married or something ;)

But, B around kids is the epitome of love for me.

He's always been great with Brady, but I had never seen him around little babies before. Brady was almost a year old when he started coming around. But, this weekend we had two week old RJ here with us too. Although B declined to hold him on the excuse that he didn't want to break him, he put his finger in RJs hand and played with him while he was on my lap, even sticking the pacifier back in his mouth if he dropped it. We had the TV on, but B spent 90% of the time watching RJ instead. I never thought he'd be so smiley around such a tiny baby.

I just love my hubby.

And I love this picture of him and Brady with all my heart:

That's my heaven.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smelly Fish, et al

You know I only have one blog post for July? One? That's horrid.

I have definitely decided that if anyone ever tells you that they are planning on taking 10 credit hours full of literature and foreign language in one month, you should repeatedly smack them in the face with a smelly fish until they come to their senses. Logically speaking, I'm a pretty good student with a pretty good GPA and a fabulous knack for last minute papers full of nothing but well-phrased bs.

This summer month of classes is kicking my ass.

So here's a little post of what's been happening around here this month around classes and schoolwork:

Jess over at Jesstagirl and her Officer sent me these lovely peaches and cobbler mix for winning a give-away! I made the cobbler for July 4th and it was the easiest thing ever, and absolutely delicious! (Jess, I have a thank you card sitting on my desk stamped and ready to go for you...sans address, because I forgot to take it off the box before I tossed it. Please drop me an email and I'll send it out!)

We attended the last Brooks & Dunn tour :( B had a small conflict with the drunk idiots next to us, who thought it was okay to reach over and grab the back of my best friends shirt and attempt to dump alcohol down it. Uh uh, not cool--choice words were used and after awhile the drunkards decided weed was better and stopped talking to people around them. Concert was good, though.

We made the decision to stop "sharing" drinks with Brady. She now gets her own cup.

We discovered that 1lb of meat on Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza is about double as much as one can stand to eat.

And, lastly, we discovered that Brady's tendency to throw herself underwater last year at 18 months old in a 1 ft pool did not end last year. Now it's just in a bigger pool and with more emphasis. But at least she can swim!

I swear I'll be back soon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome, No. 6!

Last friday morning I became an aunt for the sixth time! One might say that translates to me having wayyy too many siblings, and this is true, but really it's just exciting.

RJ. 6lbs 12.5oz.

The best part about it is Brady, who is a bit more rambunctious around him because people aren't just paying attention to her. Before she informed B that he was a "hot mess" and that she was "pissed" (seriously, I don't know where she gets this stuff!), and before she opened the gifts for "her" baby, her 2 year old self attempted to comprehend the baby situation. She knows babies come from mommy's bellies, but she doesn't really grasp the waiting period or the "they have to be pregnant" part. You know, 'cause she's two.

Brady: [pokes my stomach] "Where's my baby?"
Me: "I don't have a baby sweetheart"
Brady: "Oh, does Nana have it?"
Me: [through panes of laughter] "No honey, RJ is the only baby"
Brady: "Okay!"

...she accepted it and ran off to play. Gotta love kids :)

On a side, less exciting note...I started my 10 credits in 1 month classes this week and have been super busy so I apologize for not posting much now...or in the next few weeks.