Thursday, July 29, 2010

A PCS full of PDQ's

I suddenly realize I have no idea what PDQ stands for. Why does that knowledge not come to me?? But I meant it to say "lotso questions" so...we'll just pretend that's what it means. Mmkay? Mmkay.

But I actually could use some advice and answers from some of you lovely military wife bloggers.

This is our first PCS. We're headed to the other side of the country sometime this fall (waiting on date orders, supposedly they will arrive by the 2nd week in August at the latest). We had decided to do our own move instead of using the military movers, even if that does mean we have to pack our own crap. We have heard far too many horror stories about bad moving experiences and we trust ourselves more. Or, we prefer to blame ourselves instead of other people. Whichever.

So here are my questions:

Uhaul or Penske?
Where can we weigh the vehicle before/after packing?
If we do two partial moves instead of one full move, will AF pay to transport 2 vehicles (truck & car) each time?
If we decide to tow a vehicle the second time on a trailer, is it part of the after loading weigh or before loading weigh?
How long is it typically before the reimbursement will get to us from the AF?

I'm positive there were more questions than what I have listed here, but I can't for the life of me think of them right now.

Help please???


hmb said...

We didn't move ourselves so I can't help with those questions. But our travel pay was in our bank account about 2 weeks after Josh filed the forms in the pay office. I think in some circumstances, you can get an advance on it..if that's something you are interested in :)

Jessica Lynn said...

I can't answer any of your questions except for a recommendation to use Penske. Before I moved cross country this past October (from NM to GA) my mom and I researched like crazy to find the best deals and the best quality truck to rent.

Penske won HANDS DOWN. Not only were they cheaper (get quotes from other rental places and they will BEAT that price), but their trucks were more reliable, they "retire" their trucks after they've been on the road for only two years, ensuring you have the best vehicle available.

So that's my two cents! Let me know if you need anything else!

GinH said...

D says they should pay for the partials (both cars) and that it was usually 4-6 weeks for reimbursement... he said to check with your transportation officer though. Good luck! (We let them pack for us and other than ridiculous things being packed together, all was well and delivered on time but awesome movers.) Oh and when we moved post AF recently, we used Penske but only b/c their rates were lower.

Sarah said...

Oh, I don't think I'll ever, EVER do a DITY move. No matter how much money I could potentially make. I'll let the Army move me. Way easier on my sanity. And, let's face it, that one's already taking daily hits. =)