Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Here's a few images of Christmas in our house! The hubs is working all weekend, unfortunately, but we'll have a good 2 hour Christmas tomorrow :)

Cleo's just a little excited for her first Christmas :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not Even Sorry

I don't have much to say in this post. I have no pictures of this event, so I drew you a picture...

The other day we took Cleo and Blitz (who got adopted today! So we are back to a one doggy home!) to the park to see how Blitz did interacting with strangers, on a leash, etc. We walked him over to the playground to find some kids.

There were none.

So we played on the playground like the grown adults we are.

This "bucketseat" spinning contraption? Amazing. You propel yourself once, and then it spins you and you can't stop.

And if you're me, you laugh uncontrollably and nearly puke when you finally get up the balls to jump off the spinning death seat.

And then you're horribly embarrassed when a biker or 6 goes by.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


As if things weren't crazy enough around here with our 5 month old nipping puppy, this week we added a foster pup to the mix!

Meet Blitzer...aka "Blitz" because we're really just too lazy to add on that extra syllable.

Blitz is a 4 month old that appears to be a fullbred golden retreiver. He is, however, absolutely going to be a GIANT dog. He's about twice the weight of Cleo, and younger than her. He's also much calmer, though, and he'll play with her but she wears him out long before she's out of energy.

But then they take adorable naps together, and it's all good.

We went to the park today and he met a dog a little smaller than Cleo, and snapped at her a little but wasn't exactly vicious, though. But he met our neighbors dogs and they have an akita mix and some kind of toy-sized mix, and he was fine with both of them. We're thinking it was just him being on the leash. He's not housetrained yet, either, but is much more well-mannered that Cleo (and we trained her!) and is completely cratetrained!

But, at the park together, we were also able to take a nice long walk ON the lake--which is a new experience for us, as our home state doesn't get cold enough for this. The pups enjoyed sliding around on the ice and I was frankly just fascinated with the ice fishers!

I have to take Blitz back to an adoption event on Saturday (Christmas Eve) and I'm definitely pimping this amazing puppy out! He's a great dog, and if we had a bigger house and he wasn't going to be a giant hairy beast when he grows up, we'd keep him! He definitely deserves a home for Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Santa

Part of Writer's Workshop at Mama's Losin' It!

Dear Santa,

I understand that you can't get me everything I want, and that's okay. I had my husband here for Thanksgiving and I know that means it's only fair he will work all day and night on Christmas--that's okay, I get it.

I appreciate you letting us go visit family just after Christmas. That's so nice of you.

But...what I really want for Christmas? Well, that's pretty easy.

I want this to stop biting me:

She's very cute. She's very smart. She's fairly well-behaved. However, I don't have that many dressy long sleeved shirts, and people look at me funny when I go to work with tiny cuts all over my hands and arms and I'm just waiting for someone to ask me if I need help. Plus, it hurts.

Now, I know Cleo is nipping because she's a puppy. I also know she's nipping because she's a herding breed. I know it's normal.

But it really hurts.

So, if you can't get her to stop nipping, can you at least let her lose her other three puppy canine teeth? They are definitely the biggest offenders.

Or at least hit me up with some great cover-up.

Thanks Santa.