Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,

I understand that you can't get me everything I want, and that's okay. I had my husband here for Thanksgiving and I know that means it's only fair he will work all day and night on Christmas--that's okay, I get it.

I appreciate you letting us go visit family just after Christmas. That's so nice of you.

But...what I really want for Christmas? Well, that's pretty easy.

I want this to stop biting me:

She's very cute. She's very smart. She's fairly well-behaved. However, I don't have that many dressy long sleeved shirts, and people look at me funny when I go to work with tiny cuts all over my hands and arms and I'm just waiting for someone to ask me if I need help. Plus, it hurts.

Now, I know Cleo is nipping because she's a puppy. I also know she's nipping because she's a herding breed. I know it's normal.

But it really hurts.

So, if you can't get her to stop nipping, can you at least let her lose her other three puppy canine teeth? They are definitely the biggest offenders.

Or at least hit me up with some great cover-up.

Thanks Santa.



Christina said...

When we had our brand new puppy, I asked the trainer how to get her to stop nipping me. Her simple suggestion actually worked really well. Our trainer said to say, "Owe, Owe, Owe!!!" really loud like the puppy was actually hurting you. Our Daschund stopped bitting me within two days because she thought she was really hurting me (it did hurt, but nothing like I made it out to be to her).

Good luck and cute little girl!!!

Arnebya said...

Christina -- I don't have a dog, but friends have told me that your suggestion did work well. It's amazing what animals understand. They do get it (at least, I believe they do. Unlike breastfeeding babies who think it's hilarious to bite and oftentimes do it harder when you yell ouch).