Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome, No. 6!

Last friday morning I became an aunt for the sixth time! One might say that translates to me having wayyy too many siblings, and this is true, but really it's just exciting.

RJ. 6lbs 12.5oz.

The best part about it is Brady, who is a bit more rambunctious around him because people aren't just paying attention to her. Before she informed B that he was a "hot mess" and that she was "pissed" (seriously, I don't know where she gets this stuff!), and before she opened the gifts for "her" baby, her 2 year old self attempted to comprehend the baby situation. She knows babies come from mommy's bellies, but she doesn't really grasp the waiting period or the "they have to be pregnant" part. You know, 'cause she's two.

Brady: [pokes my stomach] "Where's my baby?"
Me: "I don't have a baby sweetheart"
Brady: "Oh, does Nana have it?"
Me: [through panes of laughter] "No honey, RJ is the only baby"
Brady: "Okay!"

...she accepted it and ran off to play. Gotta love kids :)

On a side, less exciting note...I started my 10 credits in 1 month classes this week and have been super busy so I apologize for not posting much now...or in the next few weeks.

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