Friday, December 3, 2010

Postcard Swap!

This past October/November, Jessica over at Jesstagirl and her Officer hosted a kickin' Postcard Swap! It was a fabulous idea. I got a postcard all ready for my partner and sent it several weeks early, then patiently awaited my postcard throughout the entire month of November.

Which never came.

So, three of us who never received postcards got together and swapped amongst ourselves! Success!

Today, I received these two lovely postcards from Nina over at Adventures of A Lifetime.

Yes, that's right...did you SEE where this awesome lady lives?


Nina, I give you serious props for surviving the ridiculously cold temps! I freeze here in my house when the temperature is set at 68. Literally, I sit here in my coat. More power to ya, woman! And's hoping for Hawaii next time! :D

Thanks girl!

(P.S. Please ignore the tacky date stamps on the photos. We've been photographing all of our belongs for next weeks PCS!)

1 comment:

Nina said...

I am glad you got the cards!
And hey, Alaska is not that bad. Yeah, it gets cold here in Anchorage area but it is not nearly as bad as in Fairbanks... so I try not to complain too much :-)
I'd love to get to CO or AZ next ..... but we will see .....