Friday, September 2, 2011

Ontheway Vacay

That's right! We have officially moved from one side of the country to the other! I missed my sofa and my home, and am still missing my bed as it isn't here yet, but the weather has been wonderful since we got here on Tuesday! 80s and 90s with light breeze? I'm certain the West is just luring us in--this won't last much longer!

But, unlike our trip out in December, this time we had a little more time to play with. So, we decided to take a little vacation on the way. It was great, but we also noticed that we were doing the "senior siteseeing trip" as everyone we saw at our stops seemed to be either senior citizens or grandparents with their small grandchildren.

We went to...

Corn Palace. There was an awesome festival going on too--we had no idea, it was completely by chance.

The Badlands.

Wall Drug.

Mt. Rushmore.

Wind Cave.

Vore Buffalo Jump.

And Devil's Tower!

And it was awesome!