Saturday, October 1, 2011


We've officially been in our new city 1200 miles from our hometown for a month now. We're starting to get everything settled and have really been getting used to our new city. We've definitely hit a good curve, and are enjoying it out here. Especially because it was 80 all week and will be in the 70s all this week, while it's 45 in our hometown! :) We won't be able to brag about this for too long, but for now it's good to rub in our families faces.

To this point, I've been pretty sick since we got here. Had a 10 lb losing stomach bug for 2 weeks, and other than that it's been just kind of one thing after the other. But, I've still been looking for employment and despite looking for a job for a month, I still don't have one. After giving up on finding something in Education (you know...the thing I actually have a degree in), I'm just trying to find something full-time, basically anywhere, during the day--which is hard to do, apparently.

Why during the day, you ask?

Because of this little midget. Cleo.

We rescued our Cleo, half cattle dog half aussie shepherd, a few weeks ago.

And, although getting an 8 week old puppy comes with sleepness nights, many fond moments cleaning the carpet, and nipping at the ankles, we love this weird, adorable puppy of ours!

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Jessica said...

Whew, we just got a puppy as well. It is crazy how much time they demand for us. I knew it going in and I wouldn't trade it for the world.