Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Reality of Pregnancy

This pregnancy was planned (really, really hard). I read the "What to Expect BEFORE You're Expecting" book at the beginning of last year and followed every single piece of advice in the book. I stopped my birth control months before we wanted to get pregnant, changed my diet to be as fertility friendly as possible at about the same time, and started prenatal vitamins 3 months in advance. I didn't take any medication for anything. If the book said a food was fertility friendly, I ate it--no matter how much I despised it. If the book said something was good for B to do to help him, he did that too. With pressure :)

The first 6 weeks of my pregnancy were great. I was tired as hell, but other than that things were great. I kept my list of "things to eat daily during pregnancy" around and made sure I had 2 servings of this and 3 servings of that every day.

Then I puked. For the next 10 weeks straight. I lost 10lbs, and eventually just figured if I wasn't going to keep the food down anyway then there wasn't much point in me trying to eat "healthy" crap.

So I changed my focus to "MUST EAT ALL THINGS HEALTHY AND FABULOUS" to "MUST EAT ANYTHING THAT WON'T REAPPEAR." Things I found that USUALLY accomplished this were never healthy. Donuts, McDonald's chicken nuggets (just the nuggets...not the fries, and no ketchup), a plain roast beef sandwich from Arby's...nothing good for me.

But, I decided that feeding my child something, be it overly nutritious or not, was probably better than failing to actually get him anything.

And I never looked back.

The 6 week morning sickness plunge=a pregnancy reality check!

Almost 34 weeks now, hospital bag was JUST packed, and I at least found the instruction manual for the installation of the carseat. Maybe next weekend ;)


Jessica Lynn said...

YUP. I was thrilled when I found out I was pregnant and completely changed my diet around (was right before the deployment started, so we were eating out a lot). I ate everything that was good for me and I really thought morning sickness was just an act...then I got nauseous 2 weeks later...and it didn't leave until week 15. All I could eat were white, bad-for-you, starchy carbs. Gotta do whatcha gotta do! Oh! And I'm still working on my hospital bag (I'm 37+ weeks)!

Charlie Browne - Education Online PhD said...

We all do this. We do everything that the experts say and get everything perfect and then morning sickness. It is amazing that a simple aspect of pregnancy will get us to change all of our plans. I use to only be able to eat bacon cheeseburgers from two different diners.