Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From Monday to Nashville

This Monday, B and I both had the day off. No work, no classes. It was lucky, and it was great. So, we went kayaking...

...and then we went hiking...

...and then I bought a bajillion $$ worth of allergy medicine.

And Monday night my mom and I took the rare opportunity to go out to dinner together "wherever the hell we want to go" (her words), so we chose Chili's. There isn't a Chili's close to our house, so we drove a little ways and lived out our plan: get one appetizer and split it, and then eat an entire Molten Chocolate Cake as our main course with a cocktail on the side. If you have not had this cake, you are like missing the sunrise your entire life--it's that amazing.

And this weekend, we are taking an impromptu trip to Nashville! Really. I haven't even found or booked a hotel for us yet! Anyone else going to be around there this weekend?

Wild horse saloon? BB Kings? Here we come!

1 comment:

Faith said...

Aww! I remember those last few CRAZY days before my wedding!
That dessert looks like a killer. I bet it was great.
Best wishes.