Monday, May 3, 2010

The Coming and Going of April 30th

Our RSVP date was April 30th. We sent out invites out the second week of March.

I mean really guys, it's a pre-stamped envelope.

But, since it's costing us approx. $26 a person for the reception, we just don't like anyone on our list enough to say "well, we'll just put you down as 2 incase you come." So thank you, telephone and facebook and email, for providing me a way to track down all those losers who failed to RSVP. ;)

The good news is, however, that we had more people than we expected who are not coming. Since our hall holds 280, and we invited 350, we were really hoping for such an event to occur. Plus, it let me invite a couple more people that I really wanted to invite previously but couldn't. Win/win.

Also, conversations for (light) thought:

Last week, I had an incredibly strange dream about swimming 30 miles down the highway. No, not driving through water...swimmming. And then all the highways in the surrounding states flooded this week, so I took that as a sign that I have psychic dreams. (Of course, I mean...who wouldn't).

Me: "My swimming down the highway dreams must have been predicting the flooded highways!"
B: "Awesome! Next time, dream about swimming through money."

Mmhmm. That's my honey, always thinking.

Also this week, one of my uncles got himself a pair of dentures. I was not around for when this occurred, but that did not stop it from being funny. It appears that his wife saw his dentures laying out after he cleaned them, gave them a funny look and then announced:

"I just wonder where they got the teeth to make them."

...I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that she was married in.

In 2 days, our wedding will be in the scope of the forecast!

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Expat Girl said...

Hah I love your comment, I keep checking to see if my husband's return date has been predicted yet so I can pick out a reunion outfit for the airport for this very pregnant body!