Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three Days Away!

First, to all those wedding planning books that say "don't try to do anything else while you're planning a wedding, it won't work," I'm here to tell you that you are crazy. One can work, be a full-time student, teach, blog, write, read, AND plan a wedding. And be successful at all of it. So booya.

Really, I'm just excited about these grades! I haven't had straight A's for years and years, since probably my junior or sophomore year in high school! I'm also fully aware of how horrible I am at foreign languages, so that A- in Spanish made me downright giddy.

And our wedding is 3 days away! At the moment, the only day it's not supposed to rain in the next 7 days is Saturday...hopefully it will stay that way! It's pouring out right now; flash flood warnings everywhere. It's so dark out that I had to force my brain to accept the fact that it was morning when I woke up.

Here's hoping for a dry wedding day!


Expat Girl said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for u that it doesnt rain

GinSpaghetti said...

we built a house and moved in the 6 months leading up to ours (last weekend!)... never had an ounce of stress about the wedding... was supposed to rain at the beach on the day of and never did... we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. here's hoping you have the same! best of luck!

Amber said...

Wooohooo!!!!! Congrats! How exciting!!!!!

I'm a new follower! I love meeting other military friends:) I'm a USMC wife.

My blog is called, Goodnight moon. Come by so we can be blogging friends. I can't wait to see when the BIG day is for you...I love weddings!