Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Plan for PCS

We FINALLY have a date. That's right! B's birthday was on Tuesday, and on Sunday he said all he wanted for his birthday was his date. It came on Monday! Ha! We are happy that, after 8 months of waiting, we know when we are leaving...not so happy that it's not until December. It also happens to be the weekend before my finals, so I'm working with my professors to be able to take them a week early--so far, so good.

The breakdown goes a little like this. We are going to the base first. We will be gone well before Christmas. But, with it being this close to the holidays, B's dad--who was originally going to go with us--can't join us to help us move. So, right now we're looking at possibly using ABF U-Pack services, which is similar to PODS, that we pack it up and they ship. Honestly, it would probably end up being cheaper than renting a Uhaul anyway.

I don't know how long I will be at the base with B, as it depends on how long my job will give me as a leave for it. I hope it's until December 27th-ish, but it could be 7-10 days. If they refuse to give me at least 7 days off for this, I'll most likely quit. It's not worth it.

"But wait, you're moving, what do you care about your job?"

Gee, excellent question.

I have to come back. I have student teaching starting the first week in January. Which, honestly, isn't that horrible because B will be gone to training schools for 5 of the following 8 months anyway so we still wouldn't be together. In fact, I will actually be staying here until late August of next year because I see no point in sitting at the base alone while he is gone when it's unnecessary. But that also means my husband will miss my graduation and our one year wedding anniversary :( Comprende? I hope so, because this paragraph was even confusing to me.

Over the summer I'll still be working on stuff in Wyoming from here--putting in resumes and hopefully doing some phone interviews. I may be in WY earlier in August or late July should I get a job that requires it.

So...that's the low down!

Tomorrow morning we are heading off to the lake for the weekend with these little cuties...

...and we even rented a pontoon boat for Saturday with a slide, so hopefully Brady will like it and it will be worth the $$$. Sunday it's back to our boring no-slide boat, though :)

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