Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bag Lady

I. Love. Bags. Purses are nice, but I have no need to own expensive purses with brand names. No. Purses are fine for other people.

Bags? Bags are for me. I have more bags than I know what to do with. Mostly, little duffel bags with bows or polka dots or something cute...also known as "I love this. I don't need this. I'll take 2, please."

The lovely people over at Simply Bags sent me a lovely little bag this week! And I love it. Why? Because it's adorable, and if there is one thing better than an adorable bag, it's an adorable bag with your name on it.

This little beauty is one of their Insulated Lunch Bags.

But that's not all they have. They have tote bags, duffels, photobags, diaper bags, kids bags, and tons more. All adorable!

Oh Simply Bags, I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship!

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