Monday, August 23, 2010

Craft Time: Red & Turquoise

I got a little carried away with kitchen decorations this week. It was my only week at home without having classes, and it was wonderful. Plus a little IKEAing didn't help with my decoration overload. I found this lazy susan at IKEA some months ago. I love it, but it's brown. Our kitchen is all red, turquoise, and black. So, of course, throwing a brown lazy susan on the middle of the table wouldn't have been too pretty.

But, with $4 in paint, some tape, some sandpaper, and two 59cent foam brushes, it went from this...

To this...

And suddenly it matched!

But I couldn't stop there. Oh no sirree. By then, I was thoroughly enjoying the painting process. At this point in the decorating, I should have put more thought into it. But, instead my thought process went a lot like this: I want to paint something else. I already have the paint. I can't buy anything else right now. Hey, how about painting on some sketchbook paper? Could I find 8.5x8.5 frames? It didn't matter. There was no stopping me.

I spent a little bit of time searching "red and turquoise" online, and found a few prints/paintings and used them to imitate my own on paper. With the paint. (imitating here and here, but only using simple specific colors). I came up with these:

Where I go from here, I don't know. I have two options for displaying these (assuming I can find frames to fit them) and both include at least one more painting. I could do two more paintings, both with black backgrounds, and go with one of these hanging situations:


I could buy this really awesome red shelf from IKEA, do one more painting with the black background and both red and turquoise in it, and set the three paintings on the self (below) and just hope that it fits in our house...which we don't have yet.

Decisions decisions!

Someone should really hide the red and turquoise paint from me.

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Sarah said...

Wow!! The lazy susan looks great!! And the paintings - even if they are imitations - look amazing and are FAR better than anything I could do. I really love the one with the flowers. =)