Monday, October 11, 2010

Engagements, New Babies, and Famous Relatives

Also known as: three posts in one. :)

My fourth niece was born saturday! She makes me an aunt x7 now. I have my fourth nephew due in December, and that's all on the horizon at this point.

Also, one of my cousins was in How I Met Your Mother tonight! He'll be on it again next week, and his brother will be on Law & Order this month as well. You see what moving to hollywood does to you?! ;D

AND lastly, I had my first engagement shoot this week! What do you think?


Lacey said...

OH MY GOSH... those pictures are absolutely adorable! im so jealous!
and on a side note i love how i met your mother i never miss a episode!
and congrats on the niece!

Mrs. Air Force said...

Congrats on the new addition! :) I also have 7 all together.

hmb said...

The pics look good...congrats on being an aunt again!

Jessica said...

What a cutie!!

Those pictures are fantastic!!