Saturday, October 2, 2010

Posting Failure (+Pics)

I know I haven't posted in...well, weeks. I actually wrote a post last week, mostly, but never posted it. I'm just out of the swing of blogging. But, eventually I'll be back. I swear.

We went to an Old West Festival a couple weeks ago here. It was cute, but pricey for the events within it. I think they are trying to get it going as a yearly event, this being the first year.

And on the way home we met this cow. He's not special. We just liked him. And we named him EmoCow.

Little Man started playing football. He's really enjoyed it so far! He ought too, he's the biggest kid on the team. He's #48 catching the ball below.

And we got a Cricut...for my mom...that I love. More on this later.

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