Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Puppy Siblings

A couple months ago, I hooked up with several people on facebook who have Cleo's siblings. It's very rare for this to happen, especially since our puppy is a rescue and had nothing to do with a breeder where they keep strict records, but through our rescue's facebook page we still managed to find each other!

A month or so ago we actually ended up taking Cleo's sister, Remi, in for a little while. Her original adoptive mama couldn't care for her anymore, and we took her until we found her another home. We didn't have Remi but 3 hours before someone my husband works with wanted to meet her, and he ended up adopting her that week.

So, a couple weeks ago he dropped Remi off to us and we all (Cleo, Remi, me, hubs) headed an hour south to meet up with their brother, Quandary. Their mom was actually supposed to be there too, but canceled last minute so we still haven't met her. I think we're only missing one sibling from the bunch!

These pups, now 8 months old, were so much fun to watch!

Sisters, Cleo and Remi

Remi and Quandary (Quandary is on the ground)

We attempted to pose them on a bench. It was pretty much a no go. Remi is on the ground, Cleo on the left, Quandary on the right.

Playing! Quandary in front, Remi, Cleo :)

They were just hilarious together!

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