Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A few weeks ago we took a trip up to Yellowstone. We've decided, basically, that this is travel time for us so we went to Vegas earlier this year (...did I blog about that? I probably didn't. I'll put that in the logs), Yellowstone in early July, and--although we didn't travel to this--went to Cheyenne Frontier Days last week. Don't worry, I took a billion pictures. ;D

Yellowstone was very nice. Everything in the park was booked so we stayed at a little place about 30 miles outside the park that was an RV park/Motel. It was actually nice, as we usually go camping with my family during the summer but are too far this year to do that, so staying at this place was a lot like staying in a campground but without a camper. Plus it was like half the price of staying in the park.

Yellowstone, if you haven't been there, is set up like a giant "8". The first day we did the bottom circle, the second day we did the top circle. We probably drove 500 miles between the two days. We were pretty exhausted, but saw some cool stuff.

Except we didn't see a Moose. Or a bear. We were both very disappointed.

We stopped in Thermopolis--home of the world's largest hot springs.

And in Cody for their 4th of July festivities. The orange cloud behind this flag is the smoke from the fire in the Teton.

Turned a corner and there was a buffalo in the road. One of about a billion that we saw. This is probably more impressive when you DON'T live right next to a buffalo farm.

Lower Falls


Old Faithful

Midway Crater Geyser

We went horseback riding on the last day and had a blast!


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