Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We, and apparently everyone else in the world right now, have a little announcement to make here in blogland!

We knew we wanted a spring baby, so we planned accordingly!

Baby Nemo (just keep swimming) will be making his/her appearance around March 28, 2013!

I should have made this official announcement quite a long time ago, but didn't. I'm 14 weeks now and SO happy to see the second trimester! I always thought I would be the kind of woman who enjoys being pregnant but, even though I'm excited for the arrival of little Nemo, pregnancy has NOT been glorious thus far. My morning sickness has been super rough and I've lost quite a bit of weight since becoming pregnant! I'm still fighting the remnants of it, and get sick occasionally, but I think I've stopped losing weight and am officially putting some back on--still not back up to pre-pregnancy weight, but at least I'm not losing!

But, because I've been losing weight everywhere else and gaining a human being, my bump has been out since 8 weeks! I always told myself when I got pregnant that I would take cutesy pictures and make a cutesy memory book. far my concern isn't great for that ha!

But, here's a random 9 week photo. Not cutesy, and too lazy to attempt it without just using the mirror (and excuse the color, because my phone went haywire!). 5 weeks ago...

And big sister Cleo is CLEARLY excited...

But we certainly are!

We WILL be finding out what we are having! Hopefully at the end of October :)

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Jessica Lynn said...

YAY!!!!!!! Lol I was the same way about the photos—I literally had to shut my laptop one day when I saw someone post their 10-week pic. I was like, no way jose, I can barely stay awake long enough to brush my teeth (without wanting to throw up, mind you), so there's no way I'm taking a photo. Which is why mine started at around week 14.