Monday, December 1, 2008

Georgia: 67 degree Thanksgiving

More to come on Georgia later this week, it's been a crazy day (more of that, too), but for now here's a few pictures of why Georgia is awesome (you know, other than it's amazing november temperatures).


My dog, Chase. Weight: 21lbs. now (19 when this photo was taken)

Honey's (my grandma) cat, Tiger. Weight: 28lbs. Kid you not.
(Ignore evil eyes from flash. He's only a bit evil)

The best part of Georgia/South Carolina. Best hotdogs second to only Skyline.

Maybe the best advert in the world. For Belk. Text blurry, but it says: "Junior Sweater. Regular 15.00-30.00. Sale 14.99-29.99."

Until later!

P.S. Need to make signature...that's the cool thing to do these days apparently :D

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indiana.girl said...

Lol! I feel like rushing over there to grab up a few sweaters and take advantage of that whopping great sale!