Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is just kind of a quick recap of what's been going on around here. In small increments. There is a wedding planning update post coming soon..ish...so be ready!

-I got my car back. It now starts (read: my cousin attached the wires to the starter he forgot to attach the first time). It also decided that it's going to shift again. I feel in less danger of melting the engine...again.

-My uncle had a heart attack a couple weekends ago. It was massive, and he was home and recovering, but now he's back in the ICU with blood clots, aneurysm, and other complications and I can't even begin to recite. Surgeries have been planned and canceled, and no one really knows what's going down at this point.

-My great aunt is flying in from OK tomorrow. My mom and I are very happy about this, because my grandma is not having a good time dealing with my Uncle's situation, but she's in a great mood when her sister is here, and that helps me and my mom out tremendously.

-We bought a sofa yesterday. It was cheap. It is cheap. But it's pretty for now, and will work for a few years. And it's freaking comfortable.

-B and I went to dinner at a gorgeous and delicious restaurant downtown last Thursday. A great Italian joint. I love it. And it has the best view of the city. It was lovely.

-My computer and I have been fighting this week. I don't know what's going on with it, but it's been slow and freezing and...not nice. So if I disappear from your comment sections for awhile, don't take it personal!

-Also found out I'm going to be teaching an hour away from my home this semester. My 17mpg vehicle will be sucking me dry in the money department. I'm so excited! (note sarcasm).

-Made a plan to go check out our new city at the end of March. Have no idea if I'll actually be able to go. There is one week in which I absolutely CANNOT miss at my placement, or I will fail--problem is that we don't know what week that is yet. But I'm betting it's that week.

-Sometime over the last week my bedroom turned into a creative mind's disaster workshop. I had a window project, painting project, and photo project all going at the same time. I made myself less crazy and put all but the photo project away somewhere yesterday. Sadly, that means I won't see the other ones again for some months...BUT the chaos is gone, and focus is back! :)

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