Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whose Wedding?

Just a quick update on all things wedding! We took a decent month+ break from the planning for holidays and such--it's hard to do anything over holidays, let alone while working full-time and taking classes! But now we're back to it!

We registered on Monday! Left the house at 1030, got back at 7. Came home with 3 registries (mostly) done, and a couch. Not too shabby! We did most of our stuff at Bed Bath and Beyond, then Target, and lastly Macy's--although it's mostly big-ticket stuff at Macy's (mostly because B's aunt works for them and she requested we register there, and she can be a very terrifying woman). How did you guys do your pre-registration plans?

I basically did this while planning at Starbucks one night:

This would be our spare room and our living room. No, we don't know what our place will look like yet, but I just decided we'd have square rooms. ...I feel pretty safe with that decision. But this helped me at least a bit with decoration registrations! As far as furniture goes, now that we bought a sofa...we don't have much more we need. We have a daybed w/trundle for the spare room, but we still need a desk and a dresser for B that room :). For our master bedroom, we are taking my long as when we go to move my bed we can actually get it out of the house. Living room...we still need a TV stand, TV, an ottoman or table (prefer the ottoman, because we found one that matches and it has storage...which is awesome), a couple end tables, and probably a recliner (versus a loveseat, since we don't know how much room we'll have). But the big stuff we basically have, so that's good.

What? You want to know our color schemes? Okay!


Living Room:


Spare Room:

Because the spare room has two beds, the second bed is just a brown comforter. But it's on clearance, so we hope someone buys it! Didn't see much point in getting another whole bed set for it when we didn't need have the stuff in it, and the sheets are crap anyway.

Other than that...

Meeting with the deacon to do the test survey Thursday.
Meeting with ceremony music woman Thursday.

Next up:
Choose songs.
Book photobooth. Edit: done.
Redo cake contract and pay for it.
Choose invitation wording and design.
Choose ceremony music.
Set reserved seating arrangement.


Jessica Lynn said...

I'm so jealous you took a wedding break over the holidays! Way to go!!

I love your kitchen scheme - how fun and retro!

We still have to pick our music selections - gah! Also, I used this wording guide to help come up with our invites, it helped a lot! (

Jessi said...

Love the color schemes. ALL of them.

And I can't believe you have all of that planned. You must be super organized.

Never thought of any of that before we were married LOL!

Hannah Noel said...

You're gettin' close!

Ugh, registering was fun and stressful! I wish I could go back and re-do parts of it now, haha.

We're stressing now about buying all the extras for our new house (when we close anyways). A loveseat or chair.. decorations.. rugs.. lighting.. etc. *sigh*
Sooo much to do!