Monday, March 8, 2010

Get MOOvin' Monday

Hosted by Casey at The Everchanging Life.

This game has three simple rules:

1. No fast food for March
2. Exercise 3 times a week
3. Post about it on Mondays

I have good news! I had no fast food! And I'm posting about it!

I did not exercise, however. Technically. But, I am counting the waterpark on Saturday as exercise. You have NO idea how big that stinking place was! So I'm saying I exercised once. Yes. Once. It's better than none...right?

But, this week I'm on spring break. So hopefully that'll change! It's also supposed to be 58 today, and 60 tomorrow :) I have a couple appointments tomorrow, but nothing to do today until Little Man gets home from school at 4. I think the park looks favorable for us today!

However, I did one of those 10 hour sleeps last night, woke up with a seriously rough throat, and have been sneezing like crazy...all of which usually indicates an illness about to hit, so hopefully I'll be avoiding that and exercising instead! :)

And and don't worry, I will not fail to blog about the bachelorette party! Tomorrow I think you'll be getting a Tuesday Tribute thrown at ya for March, and then Wednesday? It's all about the party ;)


New Girl on Post said...

Congrats on the no fast food! And'll get on the exercise bandwagon soon so I wouldn't feel so bad if I were you. :)

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Sounds like a great start! Maybe this week you'll get two workouts in with better weather!