Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are You Sure You Want to Wear That?!

Today I took my wedding dress down to a seamstress in the bridal district. I suggested that we use someone not in the bridal district because I knew it would be more expensive there. But, my mom insisted that we go there because she wanted someone who specialized in bridal gowns. Of course, I agreed, and went.

I had several odd conversations with this particular seamstress. Starting with this one, that was the only time during the entire hour I was there that she actually attempted to make a human connection with us:

Seamlady, lacing up the corset back: "Tell me if it's too tight and you can't breathe."
Me: "Nah, it's not important that I breathe."
Seamlady: "Yes, it is. I've had two girls pass out in here and I'm not about to have another one."

Dually noted. Of course, the whole time I was standing on the podium after that I was just replaying that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean where Elizabeth faints because of her corset and falls off the side of the castle and into the bay.

Then, the lovely seamstress decided that she did not want me to wear a slip, this slip I proudly purchased two weeks ago.

Seam: "Why do you want to wear a hoop slip?"
Me: "Because it was cheap."
...she was very unimpressed with that answer.
Me: "I definitely want a slip to make the bottom of the dress fuller, but as far as a hoop over a tulle slip, it was just because it was what I found at a decent price."
Seam: "Well, most of these dresses have tulle in them to puff it out."
Mom: "She just wants a little more on the bottom."
Seam: "Let's just see without it."
she makes me take it off.
Seam: "See?"
Seam: "But if you think you want to wear the slip, put it on before I start tacking."
Mom: "She just likes it more full on the bottom, plus it keeps it away from her feet"
I put it back on.
Mom: "There."
Seam: "Are you sure you want to wear a slip?"
Mom: "She likes it."
Seam: "I mean, you can if you want, I've just never had a girl go through with wearing a hoop slip."
Seam: "But there's a first time for everything."

After our hour fight about the slip, I won and got to wear it. Then she hit us with the bill for the alterations and steaming.

Let's talk small budget here. My dress is awesome, i love it, and I only shopped certain pricetag racks. It was $600.

Alterations? $468.

That's almost as much as the dress cost itself! Not cool, non-people-skill-hoop-slip-hating-seamstress-lady. Not cool.


New Girl on Post said...

Wow..she obviously has no people skills and the alterations price? Wowza! I can't believe that!

Jessica Lynn said...

UGH. that sucks and that price is really, really high. Is she already hired to do the alterations or can you go somewhere else? Maybe the place where you bought your dress?

Lisa said...

Whoa.... I can't believe the cost of alterations!!