Monday, March 1, 2010

Get Moovin' March!

I've decided to take part in a little thing called "Moovin' Monday" for "Get Moovin' March." It was started over at The Ever-Changing Life by Casey, and has caught my getting-married-in-two-months attention.

For the entire month of March, the rules of the game are:

No fast food.
Exercise at least 3 times a week.
And post your progress each Monday.

Fast food is kind of an issue for me...mostly because I don't often have time for "slow food." But, as my last fast food for February I decided to go for Arby's for dinner last night. This pretty much cured me of my need for fast food for awhile, as I've discovered that a trip to Arby's after 8pm always results in barely any meat and the meat that you get is always hard and gross. Problem solved. No fries, by the way. I have already committed to no fries until May.

I am allowing myself one weakness, however: Subway. And this is only because I get a very healthy sub, and I get the famous $5 footlong each time, and then I have lunch for two days on it. Fabulous.

The exercising will be fun. Interesting, anyway. Since 3 times a week is 3 times more than I do it we'll see how that goes.

My initial plan for this year was to start dieting on Jan 1st through the wedding. Well, I started on Jan 1st. And stopped on Jan 7th. And started again on Feb 1st...and stopped on February 7th.

And have you seen that they have the reese's peanut butter eggs and creme eggs out already? Thanks, Jesus, for your chocolate holiday of diet doom.


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Fast food is the hardest part for me too. It's so quick and convenient!

The button just worked for me. Try one more time!

Ashley said...

I just found your blog! I love your layout! Giving up fast food is going to be hard for me also. I am a full time student and it is so easy to just go and pick up lunch or dinner for the family! At least at Subway, you have healthy choices!! Good Luck!!

Hannah Noel said...

Fast food is a toughie. It's so quick, convenient, and usually really good! But I think I could give it up for a month. I NEED to anyways.