Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Accessorizing on a Budget

When I tried on my dress as I picked it up a couple weekends ago, I tried on a veil with it. It was pretty--unlined, had little crystals on it, fingertip length, one tier, and melted into the dress. It was perfect.

It was $250. My dress was just over double that. So I walked away.

Then, after some internet searching for accessories like a veil, this was purchased (in ivory), and it's the same thing as the $250 one, just without the brand name:

$15. Including shipping.

Then, with a bit more internet searching, some other accessories needed to be owned for cheap:

Like this Tiara. This may have been a bit premature, though, because I haven't picked a hair style yet. But, nonetheless, I now own this original-ish thing:

For $20.

And this 2 ring slip...which I hope fits and I actually like it when it gets here:


Then I found these lovely ring bearer pillow/flower girl sets and will be getting this one, as well as a spare basket for our second flower girl:

$25+$16 for spare, plus shipping. Most expensive of all these accessories. Too bad our flowergirls can't drop the petals at the church :( I'm going to call and beg for an exception I think. I'm super sad about that.

Then we got these little candy hearts for the cupcakes:

But, only the blue and yellow ones. I think we're going to have them keep the cupcakes in the back until it's cake cutting time. We're having a 3-tier cake, but using the cupcakes to supplement. Having 14 dozen cupcakes, though. However, one 6lb bag of these is $20, and each lb has 650 candies...so we'll have 3900 candies--I think that will be sufficient!

And last but not least, we are going to go with this topper:

But haven't bought it yet. It's on the list! It's pretty much perfect for us!

We probably saved several hundreds of dollars by doing this stuff online rather than finding them in bridal stores. And they are perfect!


Sarah said...

My veil was exactly like that!!! I didn't pay $250 for it...but it wasn't much less than that. =( I hadn't discovered the joys of online shopping yet. *sigh* Wedding stuff is fun! I hope you're enjoying it! =)

Lisa said...

Wow! That's awesome! Good to know when it comes my turn to start thinking about such things. :)

Scatterbrain said...

(Hi! *big goofy wave* I'm new!)

What great buys!! I'll soon be in your shoes. Thanks for sharing your finds! I'll be shopping online for some things like this too now.

Mrs. Sergeant said...

Great buys! I love the topper! It's so cute. :-) I got a bloggy award for you on my blog. Have a great weekend!

Charris said...

I take it your getting married, Congrats!! You picked such lovely things at awesome prices. Hope you big day is amazing.

tootie said...

Good work! Everything looks great, and best of all, you didn't have to spend a fortune!

Jessica Lynn said...

GREAT finds! I loved finding deals on things, which made me wonder why anyone would pay full price for something. Ha, except we paid full price for our topper and it was totally worth it. I looked for days trying to find it cheaper, but couldn't. Go for it. That's an adorable topper and I haven't seen it anywhere before!

Hannah Noel said...

You totally rock! What great buys-- all of them! And I LOVE that cake topper. I've never seen it before, it's so adorable!