Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bin Zoogan

Today B and I ventured down to the zoo. It turned out to be a great day for it, even though Friday's reports were yelling "SNOW AND FREEZING RAIN! WEATHER DEATH SUNDAY!" ...yea, it was 47, and didn't rain or snow at all. It was perfect.

Also, you want to know how to push yourself to become a better photographer? Marry a photographer. B and I are constantly trying to one up each other with our photos (in our heads, of course). When we go on photographing adventures, there's a lot of "woah, look at this one!" and "I DEFINITELY just got that!" going on.

Today, we got a lot of animals being tired.

I feel ya, animals. I'm over the snow too.


Hannah Noel said...

I adore that first picture (not that I don't love the other ones too, of course;)). You should frame it!

Charris said...

You got amazing shots