Friday, November 21, 2008

Adventures in the Freezer

First, this is the first time I've gotten up before 630am since last September (of 07), and it's to study Italian (which, by the way, will eat your soul). I wish if I was getting up this early (5) it would at least be for something more productive, like running haha.

Onto the freezer. Not that our state isn't frozen right now, but this is about an actual freezer. Right before I went to work yesterday I went to get some ice for my drink and realized the ice was melting. Strange. Well, turns out the thing isn't actually running. It is only maybe three or four years old at the most, so it isn't what you'd call out-of-date or rundown, it just doesn't want to work. A bit of fiddling with it did absolutely no good, and long story short all of the frozen food is now packed in a spare freezer up the road at my Gram's house. I'm not really sure if the fridge part of it is working or not, but I would venture to say no so we'll be staying away from the cold foods for awhile just incase.

On a different note, B applied for his summer training. He really wants to get into the Jump School in Colorado, which is 12 days of jumping out of planes...basically. I hope he gets it, because he's ridiculously excited, and I guess I might be able to do without him for 12 days. I think we're going ice skating on Saturday (what happens when he leaves the plans up to me) as long as the rink is openskate!

On a writing note: I haven't actually touched JAP in over a week now, and it's sitting somewhere around the 22,000 word mark for the month. I'm hoping to tackle it big time over Turkey Weekend! The Cover, if you are interested:

Tootles for now,

P.S. Followers make me giddy! ;]


Lindsey said...

Cute blog!!!

Mrs. Air Force said...

Lol your blog gets me so excited. MY B is actually planning on going to jump school this summer too!

Ahhh so much in common :D