Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Camping Vampireck Refridgerator

My refridgerator is actually broken, now. The repair man is coming Monday to look at it, but the woman on the phone said that the main problem with the Amana is the compresser and that it's somewhere between $500 and $700 to fix. Well, the thing only cost $800 to begin with because it was a floor model, so it's not even worth it if that's the case. Which, since it's not cold anymore, I'd venture to say it is. So last night was spent (mainly) shopping around for a new fridge, but really didn't find anything superbly perfect. Did find one, but it's another Amana and ... well, that's not going to happen. But our food, the important stuff that we kept, is now in coolers in the garage.

And I (please help me) went to see Twilight last night. I haven't the slightest idea why, as I have not and do not plan to read the books nor am I much into fantasy. It was okay, I suppose. There's some seriously painful character development on anyone other than Edward, but at least Edward was good. Bella's character is basically like 'Oo I've known you for two seconds and now I've found out that your a vampire and you say you'd really like to kill me, but hey...that's perfectly cool. Let's be in love.' There were some good parts and some really bad parts, but in the end it's still a movie about vampires. All I know is, if it were me, I'd set a ground rule from day one: no neck hickies.

Onto the exciting news! Bought a new camper today! It's a 2008 Rockwood 8315BSS, and it's awesome. It only sleeps four, though, and that's a bit low. But it's an absolutely gorgeous camper and it was $12,000 UNDER book price on it. Some pictures:


Elizabeth said...

thanks for stopping by.

i think reading the books and then watching helped with the character dev part...b/c neither has it 100% between teh 2 of them it works. I don't think Meyer's writing is especially good but her concept is very hollywood. b/c i've read all 4 and know how it makes you enjoy and even appreciate the cheesy romance and blooming friends more... :-) if i hadn't read the books, i'm not sure i would've gone at maybe then i would share your opinion more. :-)

agian, thanks for stopping by & congrats on the camper.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

That camper is nicer than the last base house we lived in. lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to see you're all "official" in blog world now :)