Monday, September 21, 2009

Immaturity: it never dies

A conversation held over lunch at work:

A: "How much will you give me if I can stick this whole sandwich in my mouth?"
B: "I'll give you two dollars."
A: "You'll seriously give me two dollars if I stick this whole thing in my mouth?"
B: "You have to stick it all the way in and close your mouth."
C: "That's what she said.."

And I'm no better, because I laughed my butt off. Oh well. It's the little things. :)

I've been kind of absent, I know, but I have been kind of absent from everything else too. I'm having a hard time not talking about the 'woah thing' at all, so I'm just not talking. That's fair, right? ...just agree, we'll both be happier.

But I'm also been sick since Saturday, and am currently on my third dose of DayQuil in 11 hours. I'm sure that's destined to sound like a casual suicide attempt, but I hate when my illnesses get ahead of me and 6 hours between doses just seems harsh. Plus I give it less time since all the medication in this house is expired sometime between January 06 and January 08. Personally I think it works better (which may or may not be a cover-up for "im too broke to buy a whole new set of medication").

It's not the flu, though, which is both bad and good. No chance it's swine flu if it's not the flu, so I still have to go to work and class. However, it appears that people with swine flu are really being alienated as if they're carrying the bubonic plague...which is rather stupid, since the regular flu has always and will always kill more people than any swine flu will. Deal with it, germophobes.

Booked the DJ on Friday.
Went to Oktoberfest on Saturday.
Laid in bed sick from 330 on Sunday.
But, honestly, decent weekend. Other than the rain, of course.

Oktoberfest Caricature.
Ignore the random white spots, it must be from the camera flash.

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Hannah Noel said...

Sorry you're sick! Hubby has been dealing with a sinus infection all week-- or so he thinks. I guess something is just going around!