Friday, September 4, 2009

Proper Shower Etiquette For Guests (PSE100)

In my bathroom, after I shower, I hang my towel on the shower curtain rod and leave the curtain open. When guests come, I close the curtain, fold the towel over once and hang it on the rack on the back of the door so it's not ugly and the curtain can be closed. There is never anything on the behind-the-door rack besides my towel and that's only when out-of-towners come to stay with us.

We do have a linen closet in the hallway right next to the bathroom, but we rarely use it due to the fact that you have to move the rug completely to open the door (poor planning, but cheap and awesome rug!). Instead, we have this wicker basket in the bathroom. This basket is not tiny, and it does not have a lid, and other than the trash can and the toilet bowl brush it's the only thing on the floor of the bathroom so it's not like it's hard to miss. This basket ALWAYS has four, clean, rolled towels of 4 different colors and four washcloths to match them inside of it.

So why is it that when out-of-towners come, they think it's a good idea to use the ONE towel that's on the back of the door on the DRYING rack instead of one out of the perfectly nice and clean looking towel basket?

It creeps me out. And makes me have to use one out of the nice pretty basket that's a different color than mine, which makes me have to do two loads of laundry. Three if the other out-of-towner took a shower (which, let's be truthful, she did--and it's a completely different color than the other two towels). This makes me start questioning things when I notice it...hmm, my razor was not flipped up after I showered yesterday, did they use it? Hmm, the hair in the bottom of the shower isn't mine, if I remove it and she has lice will I get it? And ZOMG, what about my shower puff?? Did they use THAT too? No washcloths are dirty! I don't know these people that well, what if they're diseased?? Should I hide my shit from now on??

So this leads me to proper shower etiquette for guests:

-Use common sense and pick a clean towel. If you can't find one or have any doubt on which to use, ask.
-Use one towel per person. I don't care how much hair you have, it's unnecessary for you to have two towels.
-If you are really nice, you could pick a blue towel and a green towel so they could at least be washed together.
-If there is a clean washcloth available at your disposal, take advantage of it.
-If the shower is curtained, keep the liner inside the tub. Or, if you fail, clean up the water on the floor when you get out.
-Don't use other peoples bar soap, shower puffs, razors, or washcloths you found already in the shower.
-When you step out of the shower, it would be awesome if you would place a part of the towel on the ground and then step out onto it so the rug or floor doesn't get soaked until you are dried off.
-Towels should never be placed on wooden surfaces. This includes, but is not limited to, wood floors and wood furniture.
-Limit the amount of time a towel is left on carpet/rugs. It causes mildew.
-Before you do anything else (but please after you put clothes on) return your towel to the bathroom and hang it up on either a drying rack or over the shower rod or somewhere you would logically hang a wet towel.
-Close shower curtain/shower door.

And I think that's all for now. Although I'm sure I'll think of more later :) But we're supposed to be leaving for the weekend in 24 minutes and I'm neither dressed nor packed so...I should hope off.

Happy Labor Day!


Hannah Noel said...

lol, you, my friend, have a problem. And you're hilarious!

Mark Aiid said...

I’m probably no longer passionate about the curler ring. I pick glass shower doors (they don’t block the light! You don’t just make any decorating choices among “unsightly” and “uglier”, as with most shower curtains! However, disadvantage = tracks too easy!).

If I have to have a curtain, there’s nothing approximately the earrings that are a pain in the butt as long as the proper quantity of jewellery are usually stored on each side of the rods be a part of (if there is one).

The restroom that I use that has a shower curtain simply has rings that suit the curtain undoubtedly properly: it’s one of these matters made of antiqued tulle lace with little embroidered red and pink vegetation and fresh leaves and vines, and the curtain rings are formed of green leaves. Not my fashion, mainly, but it all works collectively.

What I am* vaguely passionate about in bathrooms is the “lodge” shower liner. They’re made of a light-weight textured fabric that dries speedy and doesn’t have a tendency to get everywhere near as gross because of the plastic type. They don’t get mouldy as long as you pull them down and wash them every few months.