Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cheez Balls

Do you remember those? From the 90's? The small, cheese flavored, balls of air? The ones that disappeared without warning?

Well, we've found them! At a small store in an even smaller town about a half an hour from the lake. They are awesome! Possibly a bit stale, but who would know what stale cheese flavored balls of air taste like??

I know my posts have been rather random lately, and I apologize, but I've been seriously busy. I've not really had any room to breathe as of late, but today the universe agreed with me on that today and was nice enough to cancel my morning class and push my classroom observances back until Thursday and allowed me to sleep in :) Doing some laundry, went for a run, about to shower, and then to hit up the sparknotes on A Passage to India for my night class.

Oh, did I mention we have been back in class for one week and we already have 2 cases of swine flu on campus? I think it's swell. Devil U has decided to make all the professors create contingency plans incase they have to suspend classes for the flu. A further development with that is that the Uni is requiring you to stay off campus for 1 full week after exhibiting any flu-like symptoms. Well, that's fine and dandy, except that I have 3 class that if you miss a week of their class you fail. Apparently, they forgot to tell the professors this rule.

And I'm actually kind of enjoying my linguistics class. NEVER thought I'd say that. That is, until our 615-9pm class is still taking part at 910, that kind of pisses me off. And I've decided that, based on the way and how many times I've heard the professor say the word "Blog," it's really kind of a gross sounding word.

Still haven't found a photographer I'm 100% happy with yet. Have found a DJ and a backup DJ just incase the first one books before I get a chance to meet with him, which could be like 2 weeks from now.

I'm pretty sure I won $15 at work on day 2 during a selling contest. That makes me happy. And I'm getting closer to my video camera.

Maybe next time I'll focus on one thing? Maybe? Just maybe?

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