Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Believe

I believe that if you order something and pay for expedited shipping and it's still not arrived four days later nor have you gotten a shipment confirmation, there's a problem. 420 reviews that say "shipped so fast!" and 5 that said "shipping took forever"'re sure to be number 6.

I believe that if you already don't want to go to work on day three, it's probably going to be a draining job. But, if you're pay is enough, it hold you for at least awhile. I work at 3.

I believe that stress can kill any good feeling you may be having. Between doing the planning, going to school, working, and attempting to have an actual relationship with my fiance, I would turn down the lottery simply because I don't have time to deal with the paperwork.

I believe that if the book you want your class to get isn't at the book store until 5pm the night before a 1030 class, expecting everyone to have magically acquired it is bull.

I also believe that if a book is not at least online for you to see that you need it, telling your students that they need it AFTER they've figured their book budget is low and seriously obnoxious.

I believe that if you want to make a change, like moving all paper portfolio's into ePortfolio's, it should not cost the students that use it almost a hundred dollars.

I believe that if you want my business, you should really call and/or email me back. It's a genetic trait that if you piss someone in this family off, there is no way to redeem yourself. Ever.

I believe that if you offer to give someone a free sub because they waited around forever for someone to show up in the front, while making tons of noise to get their attention, then you should probably not change your mind later. You should probably not make some lame excuse for your absence either, since your customer is aware that you were just talking to your girlfriend because she walked by and said "he'll be right out".


High Heels & Combat Boots said...

you're silly!! My books cost 500 this semester...of course they all had to be brand spankin' new

New Girl on Post said...

I hated buying books for classes,they were always so darn expensive and then when you tried to sell them back they took them for next to nothing.