Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Big Horn

It snowed last night. Well...maybe not snow...but all I have to say is we were sitting in front of a fire last night in jeans and hoodies and were still freezing at the lake. It's August...that's not supposed to be 56 degree weather!

My week of vacation was lovely. Got to see my niece and nephew for a couple days and enjoyed myself some new york-style cheesecake in sugared strawberries. Got to see my nephew, who is 8, practice football and it was hi-larious. Took giggly pictures with my niece. Also laughed listening to the kids try to explain to their teachers what a "MayMay" was when I went to pick them up--normal kids have aunts that they call "Aunt Something"...but not me, I'm a MayMay and they can all thank my sister for that. Well, except in Brady's case, where I am actually a "Mammy".

The lake was okay. I almost finished the only book I've cracked all summer. It was rather chilly for a bit of the week, but it was a nice break!

Tomorrow I start class. I also have to call up to work tomorrow and put myself back on the schedule. Boo.

And, believe it or not, I had every intention of buying a new car this week. With that cash for clunkers program you can get a new Rio or Aveo for just over $5,000 and my A/C-less car doesn't shift on the highway anymore and can't be driven farther than 30 minutes safely. Thankfully, my parents have one too many cars and I've been borrowing my mom's when traveling and such. I don't like Rio's or Aveo's--I honestly think they are quite tiny and ugly (no offense to any of you that own them...) but if I could get a new car for $5k I don't really care what it is, and my car qualifies for the CARS thing. However, while I was gone last week they decided that they weren't going to wait until the end of the month to cancel the program and instead pulled the plug on it for tomorrow at 8pm and there is just no time tomorrow. Besides, with all the dealers knowing that tomorrow is the last day they won't be cutting ANY deals wouldn't be worth it. I'll keep my hot clunker. Sad story.

All the Save-the-Dates are addressed and ready to go. However, I've decided to hold off on sending them until we've for sure reserved a reception hall. That little bit of information is becoming a problem. The cheapest "reception" hall I can find wants $22.95 per plate. thanks. Sometimes it's really crappy living in the metro area. All the plain "halls" only hold 250 comfortably, and we're really looking at 280-300. Our one and only hope right now is the fair grounds (that's not hillbilly at all...) who I will call tomorrow. If we can get that it'll fit us just fine and we have friends who cater that we can get for cheap. And that would stinkin' rock. If we can't? We are doing in outside...probably in my backyard lol. I'll rent the neighbors yards for parking. Honestly though, I must have talked to 30 reception halls it not insane to spend $10,000 on a 4 hour party? I just cannot bring myself to spend anywhere near that much.

I'm pretty sure we've found a photographer however! Pretty sure...

The End.


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High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Girl I would have cracked up of you were driving around in a rio!!