Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Blog Needs...

...a makeover.

But why must it cost $40+ to get a new blog layout made?

I made this one. It was free. I don't think I did too shabby...did I?

My headers are not fantastic, but the rest of it is pretty decent I think. least pretend to agree, will you? Thanks ;)

But I really want a pretty header. I think my creativity is holding me back. Or..lack there of in the header department.

In other news, B called the church to reserve a wedding date.
...Apparently God has a voicemail.

And I haven't slept a full night in a week because I keep waking up thinking about things that need to be done for the wedding. I used to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and be half asleep and think I needed to keep myself awake to watch the kids so they wouldn't get hurt. You know, the kids I left at 6pm every day.

True fact: I miss sleep.

B picked his wedding band yesterday, and we looked at mine. His is much more than mine. That makes me feel good about myself.

Also, my engagement ring was just appraised for the insurance. Turns out it's worth almost $1,000 more than it cost. Talk about a happy camper ringowner.

Brady will be here with me tonight until Saturday morning. Lots of fun times will be occurring, and after a few days of all my picture taking this is often how she feels around cameras:


jlc said...

that's SUCH a cute photo... and i love your blog layout.. especially that you've made it yourself! that's talent!

talent i don't have... :)

Jessica Lynn said...

there are tons of places where you can get free layouts, too! I just finally gave in because I found one that I reallllly liked, but luckily I caught her before she raised her prices! just reminded me that I still need to get my e-ring insured. ack!