Sunday, June 27, 2010

Terrible Twos goes to a Wedding (Ceremony)

This time, I have to tell this story with a little bit of a two year old who happened to hit her terrible twos on May 15th.

This little thing...

...was absolutely hilarious on the 14th at the rehearsal dinner (as you can see). Brady does very well in large groups of complete strangers, for whatever reason, and while practicing she "danced" down the aisle while shaking her butt and sticking her tongue out. I wouldn't have expected her to do anything else.

So on wedding day, after I made the mistake of feeding her basically nothing but fruit for breakfast, I made the girls be really quiet while we were getting ready at the house so Brady could get a long nap in before the ceremony. And she did. I want to say a good 3 hours. I mean, check out this bed head:

But, once we were at the church, Ms Thing refused to smile for anything. I was actually worried about our other flowergirl, who I would have bet my entire life savings on not smiling or walking down the aisle if her life depended on it. She did fine. Brady gave scowls in ever picture.

Or the "hand on the hip" move that says "why am I doing this?!"

But by the time the reception came, Ms Thing was sweet again and wanted nothing but to be with me. The conversation we had before this photo went a lot like this:
DJ: "Is she walking in with you or...?"
Me: "She's going in with the junior usher."
Brady: "Noooooo!"
Me: "Okay, she's going with us.

And then she gave up some kisses, while we were in the center of a gigantic circle...mind you...

But, even with her two-yr-old-ness, Brady was still amazing. And so was the ceremony.


Elizabeth and Patrick said...

beautiful pictures!!

Stephanie Hartman said...

OMG!! She is a doll I Love it... The ceremony looked beautiful.I Love the dress.

Lisa said...

Love the photos!

She's too funny! I love the little attitude!