Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Touchdown Jesus Burned Down

B's commissioning was great, and I was going to make a post about it today...but I feel that Touchdown Jesus needs a little tribute today.

We had some serious storms roll through here last night. And, about an hour from here, there is a giant Jesus statue locally known (and wikipedia-known) as "Touchdown Jesus." 6 stories high, you can see it from the highway.

Last night, it's right hand was struck by lightning and it burned to the ground :(

It even got it's own youtube video.

Things just won't be the same without Touchdown Jesus :(

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Blessing said...

My husband took a picture of this on his way to Michigan, i cant believe this. I just recognized it from the pictures he took. I feel so terrible about this.

Cant wait to see comissioning pics!

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