Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Power Ranger that Wasn't

This week I'm participating in Wonderful Wednesdays hosted by Seven Clown Circus.

Power Rangers were the shit when I was growing up. Le shit. Sorry, but there is just no other way to put it. Everyone knew everyone in power rangers. We acted in out in pretend play. You know you loved it, too.

But, I never really played by the same rules as everyone else. All the other girls loved Kimberly--they wanted to play Kimberly, dress like Kimberly, and kick ass like Kimberly. Me? I loved the yellow ranger. I wanted to kick ass like Trini Kwan.

However, since I was seemingly the only girl who wanted to be the Yellow Ranger, it was impossible to find a yellow ranger costume. So I ended up being something else for halloween. I don't even remotely remember what that was.

That Christmas, I was still upset about my yellow ranger costume failure. So I gave in--or rather, my mom gave in for me--and went to the pink side. My mom bought me a pink ranger costume for Christmas, and I wore that thing alllll day. The gloves made kungfu sounds! And if you put them together, they made the "morphing" sound! I was in heaven! And I didn't care one bit that I was wearing a costume on Christmas. I think Jesus understood.

I still have faith in the Yellow Ranger. I will always love Trini the most.

That's right, Bekah. I said it. :D


angie said...

I remember the Power Rangers, but I was in HS or college......which means I'm about a decade older than you. I actually used to work with one of the voices for one of I'll have to go check. I think it was the red one. :) I LOVE the picture of you in Power Ranger costume. THANK you so much for playing along today.....wishing you luck with the Flip giveaway.

angie said...

Couldn't rest until I checked. He played the voice of Zordon........:)

high heels said...

Kimberly was great. I was also partial to Tommy...
Totally forgot yellow ranger's name...

Meshele said...


Yellow! You owe me a letter!

<3 Pink

(and I do love that you went to the pink side, with pictorial evidence to boot!)