Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wedding Bells Agenda

There has been some serious movement on the wedding front!

Recent happenin's

-Ordered wedding dress
-Booked DJ
-Booked Photographer
-Met with caterer, chose menu
-Set up account for the bridesmaids dresses
-Started on bridesmaid gifts
-Chose flowergirl dresses ($60+free shipping? heck yes! click here to see them. they're copyrighted, so I can't post the picture :( they'll of course be ivory with a navy sash and flower petals)
-Picked up the first pack of invitations. At-home prints, just checking to make sure the printer can handle it. [$125 for at home vs. $500+ for ordered? Yes, I'll take it!)
Imagine these in light blue, and that's what they are...

Next up:
-Meeting with deacon for survey and meeting
-Book ceremony music
-Deposit to caterer
-deposit for the photobooth

We've found some awesome buys lately too that are on the "to get" list for the next 7 months:
-37" LCD tv, under $500
-Awesome tiny vacuum, $100
-Cherry TV stand, usually $300, for $100

-and personally, I really need a pair of black shoes that aren't homecoming-esque or flipflops...

I realize that I never keep you guys updated with this stuff. I also realize that most of you don't really care about this boring stuff so I don't worry too much about it :)


Jessica Lynn said...

Wow! Go you for crossing so much off your to-do list! I, personally (and for obvious reasons), love hearing about your wedding plans! What are you doing for bridesmaids' gifts? I LOVE that flower girl dress, it's too cute!

GinSpaghetti said...

Photobooth?! Awesome!!! We looked into it but it was more than we wanted to spend. They are SO cool -- SO excited for you!! :) I didn't do SQUAT in September! ha! Time to boogie now though :)