Friday, November 6, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

We met with our baker and chose our basic cakes design yesterday!

[this design by Carlo's Bakery]

It will be this sort of design, but in our colors of course. The flowers will be different (and not sugar, because we are not rich) and less "HI I'M A FLOWER"-like. We will be ditching the twigs.

We also haven't really decided how many tiers we're going to do. If we did 5 tiers, it would be 240 pieces. Our guest list is 330, and our reception hall holds we're just going to be a bit tight (or...we're going to kick people off the guest list...mean, but so true!). Our other option was to do a 3 tier cake and get some tasty sheet cakes for the rest of it (3 tiers=120 pieces) to save some money. The 3 tier would be cheaper, but this cake is great tasting so we don't really know what we'll end up doing yet.

Our flavors? The greater of the tiers (either 2 or 3) will be chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and fresh strawberries (I could eat this all. day. long.). The lesser amount of tiers (either 1 or 2) will be white cake with a tasty berry compote.

Not that I like berries...ehmm.

What do you think?


Jessica Lynn said...

Very cool! I have an idea for you. If you really want the five layers, talk to your baker and see if they can make two of the layers "dummy" cakes. They use styrofoam in place of cake. That's what we're doing! We're having cupcakes, but I REALLY want the look of a traditional cake, so I'm having a three-tiered cake, but only one layer will be "real." Just a thought!

Jessi said...

Gorgeous cake! And man on man it sound so delicious!

Thank you for thinking of my family. It means a lot!

Hannah Noel said...

Honey, chances are, you are going to get one precious little bite of that cake!
I would definitely do the sheet cake and save money. We did that, and I was sooooo glad we did!

That cake is gorgeous though!! What are you colors?