Saturday, November 21, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

B's normal response to things when he doesn't know what else to say is "it happens." What can I say, the guy doesn't like to leave a conversation hanging. Usually this phrase works. Tonight, it didn't. But it was soo funny.

We were talking about Garth Brooks coming out of retirement today while waiting for our movie to start.

I said, "I liked Garth Brooks until he cheated on his wife with Trisha Yearwood."
B shrugged and said, "It happens."
...I quickly turned the death stare on him and said, " WHAT?!"
B almost jumped out of his skin, "TO OTHER PEOPLE! TO OTHER PEOPLE!"

Haha. I knew he didn't really mean it like that, since it's just a response he says to everything. But I'm totally holding it over his head for awhile. And telling everyone. Because I thought it was hilarious.

P.S. The Blind Side is a FANTASTIC movie. See it! Seriously! It could be the best feel good sports movie...ever. :)


Hannah Noel said...

Hahaha that is HILARIOUS. Mr. AF puts his foot in his mouth quite often, and it's always soo funny when he does!

loquita said...

My husband would say that *on purpose* to "get my goat", as he says. He loves messing with me.

I am dying to see The Blind Side! Even more so now that other people are saying how good it is!