Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And We Danced

Sometimes my fiance does the most amazingly romantic things unexpectedly that make me so very happy.

Like tonight, for example.

He sends me back to my place to get sneakers rather than flipflops (which I never changed out of, just for the record) and I drive back into his place and there's a fire going outside in a pit. This isn't uncommon for him, he's a big bonfire person and would be named plays with fire if he ever stepped on an Indian reservation. But it was just the two of us. So we sat there for an hour just talking, which was kind of nice and I was kind of like..okay, that's...nice.

And then he turns on the speakers.

Unforgettable starts playing.

Followed by an entire playlist of love songs.

We danced by firelight and it was amazing :)

My B, my life, my love!