Friday, June 19, 2009

When 'Hicktown' Just Doesn't Cover It

The reason I was late to work today. You know, after I finally got out of my one and a half lane road currently blocked by a trailer.

Then at work (when I finally got there) the new girl, who's been there for all of two days, managed to piss pretty much everyone off by tattling things that aren't even true, being generally bitchy, telling other teachers what to do, and doing it all with one boob hanging out. Including the boss. I bet she doesn't stay long.

And when I finally got off work I went on a search for this...

Found it on the Sears website. Found that it's not available in stores. Found out how to order it online. Found that it's not available for delivery.

Here's a fun question: what is it available for? Just to look pretty and silently chant "ha ha, you can't have me, ha ha"? Is there some secret Kenmore clan I have to join to obtain this damn grill?

So I came home with a Charmglow table top instead for my dad for fathers day. The same price and actually findable.

...not entirely sure how he'll feel about cooking on something called "Charmglow," however.

I'll be keeping the receipt.

Such a ..erm...lovely friday.

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