Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Like that He's Back in Town :)

For the last week B has been in Myrtle Beach with his family. It was something planned before we were planned, so it was okay that I didn't go (...even though I will torment him with it for a good long while). But we always bring each other things back from vacations or trips, no matter where it is, and he was having a hard time finding something he thought I'd like until the last day there:

B: "And then it hit me. There was this store right in front of me called Out of Africa. I mean, this store should have been called The "Shit for Via" Store."

I must say I love the wooden elephant with removable tusks that he brought me home. Plus? Made in Kenya. Oh yes, I'm doing good work with this man! ;)

But we were also talking about other things he bought while he was there last night after the movies (by the way, The Proposal is a FANTASTIC film...hilarious!) with my best friend on an ice cream run. And I must say, I miss his retarded comments and awkward funniness the most when he's not here. We laugh together all the time--I don't think we'd know who we were without laughing.

B: "I bought this shot glass that has a pirate flag on it and underneath it says "surrender the booty."
insert long pause here where my best friend and I try to figure out why only men find that funny as we stare blankly at him
B: " butt."

HA. Now it's funny! Only because of the way to came out. We got it before, it just wasn't funny. Oh geez.

But anyway. I'm going to attempt my hand at hamburger cupcakes today. Happy Father's Day to those dad's out there. I'm not much for father's day and you'll never hear me dote on my real father like I do my mom.

But, my Dad? He's a fantastic guy and my brothers and I all got together and bought him the grill mentioned in my last post. He came into my life when I was 7, spent 10 years saying two words to me per week, and then suddenly decided he'd be a dad with me and I'm really glad he did. I know he'd do anything for me, and my mom and I are very lucky to have him in our lives.

So here's to you, Dad! May you have a fantastic day full of manly things and good friends! And thanks for being the dad you didn't have to be:

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indiana.girl said...

Cute post! (I don't know why I always end comments with exclamations. It just somehow feels friendlier.)