Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adoption Came Through!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you this on the post about why I was hopelessly in love with the lake this weekend!

Remember this post where I discussed the situation with the hurricane and the orphaned daughter of my friends, Abby, and custody? We got the phone call while ON the boat on Saturday that J & L won custody!! AMAZING. That means that, in 14 days (if no one appeals the decision), the judge will sign off on the agreement and Abby will be off to New England to start life with her forever mommy and daddy (and real aunt and uncle!). 9 months later, 16 month old Abby finally has a home!

Of the three people who applied for custody, only two of them really had a shot, and the other one isn't exactly...sane. We've heard that the other one who actually had a chance at getting custody will not be appealing the decision, but the one who did not probably will--if she can manage to afford it. We have full confidence that the decision will not be overturned (assuming only the crazy one appeals), but the real issue is that if she appeals it then it could be September before Abby finally gets to go home with J&L due to courts and judges and that stuff.

But, for now, we are rejoicing! :D


Hannah Noel said...

How awesome!!!

jlc said...

Oh my!!! Yay!! :)