Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mystery Movie Memories

Today (and the past few months, to be quite honest) I've had some fun with movies that I used to love as a kid. Quite often, I revisit these movies and don't even slightly understand why I liked them as a kid. I mean, can a four year old just sit down and watch the word-less Fantastia over and over again? I can't even stand it as an adult. But, when I was very young, the only movie rental joint we had around here was a little rinkydink stand alone that never carried the newest movies. Even after that one closed, it was several years before we got a chain rental. So I ended up watching really old movies multiple times.

A few months ago, I invested in Babes in Toyland--the 1961, Annette Funicello version. I must have watched this movie, this version, a million times. I put it in last year, and couldn't stand it. And I'm pretty sure all the other version ever made of it were just as bad.

I bought Captain January (1936) a few months back, as well. It's still just as cute as it was back then.

And, the other day, B and I (not kidding at all) went to Hollywood Video to rent The Brave Little Toaster. Guess what! They don't have, I'm going to purchase it on Amazon...probably tomorrow. I have a thing for owning my childhood favorites, bad or not.

We went and saw UP yesterday, as well, and saw a commercial for the new disney classic The Frog Princess. So, naturally, it got me thinking about my old time favorite The Frog Prince. It was even more exciting when I found out that you can watch the whole thing on YouTube (it is in English, I just couldn't find the english cover!)

And that brings us to The Three Lives of Thomasina (1964). I'm pretty sure no one has actually seen this movie besides me and my mother....eight billion times. I think I initially picked it up at the movie place when I was 3 because the cat on the cover looked like the cat we had, and it was all downhill from there. It's the same two kids from Mary Poppins, and imagine my excitement when I saw that you can also watch this entire film on YouTube!

Are there films from your childhood that you've tried to relive as an adult and thought Or have you seen any of these so that I feel less...erm...unique?


Anonymous said...

What, exactly, did you "hate" about "Babes in Toyland"? It's a charming film with good actors, and you got to see Annette dance. Oh well, matter of taste.

Hannah Noel said...

I've never seen that version of Babes and Toyland--- I'm not 100% sure what version I saw lol.
It had two comedians, and some boogeymen in it. It's been ages! Goodtimes.

indiana.girl said...

I watched The Last Unicorn as a child and it was almost a religious experience for me at the time. Then I never could find it again and so it lapsed into mythology. returned it to me! I watched it again in eight different segments and I was prepared to be severely disappointed, but I actually found it very charming. The book is still better though.

Mrs. Air Force said...

Oh ho ho I have watched Thomasina a billion times!

I loved the veterinarian :D and the little ginger headed boy as well.

Brave Little Toaster will never get old. I work at Hollywood Video. Those movies located in the children's section from the 90's are mostly in the store from trades or overflow.

We don't have it at our store either :/